Planting Persimmons? Tree Tubes Are A Must!

The fact that so many deer attractants and baits are persimmon flavored or persimmon scented should tell you all you need to know:  Ripe persimmon is like ambrosia for deer!

Persimmons on a given tree typically ripen over an extended period of time, and planting a mix of both American and Japanese persimmons can help extend that window even more – and provide a larger variety of nutrients.

There’s only one problem:  As much as deer like persimmons, they like persimmon seedlings just as much!  So in order to get the persimmon seedlings you plant to grow to maturity you have two choices:

1) Put up a sign that says, “Attention deer:  If you leave these seedlings along for a few years they will produce all of the persimmons your children can eat.”  And then teach your resident deer to read.

2) Use tree tubes, to both protect your persimmon seedlings from deer browse and accelerate their growth – so the deer won’t have to wait so long for their “food of the gods.”

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