Planting Paulownia? 1 foot tree tubes now available

Want to plant a tree capable of growing 10 feet in the first year?  A tree with a variety of uses including high quality lumber and biomass fuel?  Then I highly suggest planting paulownia trees.

No one knows more about planting and growing paulownia (Paulownia tomentosa & Paulownia spp.) than Mr. David Sutton of Early Bird Nursery.  David is also the founding president of the American Paulownia Association, a great informational resource for anyone thinking about growing this amazing tree.

David is a real advocate for starting new paulownia seedlings in 1 foot tall tree tubes… and we are happy to provide them!  One foot grow tubes are not on our web site yet, but they are available for sale at terrific prices.  For pricing on one foot tree tubes for paulownia seedlings, please contact Wilson Forestry Supply today!

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