Turbo Charge Your Trees: Fertilizer Packets Now Here!

Good news!  Wilson Forestry Supply is now offering Mossy Oak’s BioLogic Tree-Paks fertilizer packets!

Anyone visiting this site is interested in getting their newly planted tree seedlings and direct seeded acorns/chestnuts/walnuts off to the fastest, healthiest start possible.

You take pains to make sure you’re planting the right trees for your soil, moisture and climate.  You order only top-notch nursery stock with known genetics and strong root systems.  You prepare the site well for planting, and take care to plant your stock properly.  You provide aggressive weed and brush control.  And, of course, you protect your tree seedlings with the best Tree Tubes on the market.

Helping your trees to grow at peak potential is a matter of identifying any factors that are limiting their growth, and supplying more of those factors.  Matching species with growth requirements that match your site’s characteristics goes a long way toward minimizing those limiting factors, but doesn’t overcome them entirely.  Water is often a limiting factor, and it is more so in some years compared to others (the only thing you know for sure – Murphy’s Law of tree planting – is the best way to bring a summer drought is to plant seedlings in the spring!).  One way to make more water available to your trees is through aggressive weed control, so that available soil moisture is not used up by faster-metabolizing grasses before your trees can access it.  Another way is to use Tree Tubes to reduce transpiration and reduce your trees’ moisture demands.

Another limiting factor is nutrients. Here again aggressive weed control help channel a site’s limited nutrients into your seedlings instead of into competing weeds or brush.

However, just because your site as a whole might not be nutrient deficient for the trees you are planting, that doesn’t mean that every spot – every microsite – where you are planting a seedling isn’t nutrient deficient.  Most trees are planted into disturbed sites – former ag fields that have been eroded or compacted, former forests that have been logged or burned, etc. – where organic content and nutrient distribution across the site is inconsistent.

Seedling trees have access only to a few cubic inches of soil.  Using a fertilizer packet in each planting hole is the best way to make sure every seedling gets what it needs to thrive.

And because a) none of us can afford to wait too many years before our trees start producing acorns, berries, nuts, etc. and b) no tree planted in the wild ever gets all the nutrients it needs, fertilizing trees each year for the first several years will dramatically improve growth and yield… and your enjoyment.

Remember:  We’re not planting trees into a “natural” setting any more.  Soils are disturbed and denuded from past misuse.  Deer populations are at an all time high.  Hundreds of invasive and exotic species vie with your trees for limited site resources.  Your trees need all the help they can get.

BioLogic Tree-Paks are an ideal solution for easy, convenient planting hole or supplemental fertilization.  Wilson Forestry Supply is proud to partner up with Mossy Oak, one of the most respected names in the outdoor industry, to bring you Tree-Paks fertilizer packets for a great price!

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