Tree Tube Tips

Well spring has finally come to the frozen north, and that means a lot of folks are out there planting trees and installing tree tubes.  Here are a couple of tips to make the work go more smoothly and optimize your results:

1. When pounding your PVC tree tube stakes (the very best stakes for supporting your tree tubes!) here’s a great idea:  Use a larger (3/4″ or 1″ inside diameter) PVC tube as a driving sleeve or collar.  Cut the driving collar to the height you want the stake to be after driving it.  Position the driving collar where you want the stake (about 1.5″ from the seedling on the north side to keep the stake from shading the tree), drop the stake down through the collar, and pound – perfect stake position every time!

2. Before dropping your tree tubes over your seedlings, trim each seedling to single stem.  Not only will the seedling grow up to have better form with a single strong trunk, it will also grow faster in the tree tube!

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