Tree Tubes: Removing Luck From The Equation

I guess it’s just force of habit.  After speaking with a landowner about their planting project and selling them some Tree Tubes, all too often I find myself signing off by saying, “Good luck with your planting.”

The whole point of tree tubes is that they go a very long way toward eliminating the element of luck from the success of the project.  Once upon a time we used to plant and hope; hope that deer or rabbits wouldn’t eat our trees (again), hope that there would be enough rain at exactly the right times (for the first time in 10 years), hope that our seedlings would out-compete the weeds (this time).  Success was largely dependent upon luck.

With Wilson Treeshelters, that is no longer the case.  Your seedlings are protected from deer and rabbits.  The wind-free, moist environment inside the tube helps them survive even the worst droughts. And controlling weeds around your seedlings – without damaging the seedlings themselves – is a breeze.

So next time you hear me accidentally say, “Good luck with your planting,” please respond with, “Luck’s got nothing to do with it!”

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