Another satisfied Tree Tube customer

What a great way to start a Monday, with this email in my inbox:

“… Seventy trees in this plot and every single tree is alive and well. 80% of these trees could be removed from the tubes and they are stout enough to not need staking. Unbelievable but believe it.”

Here’s why it’s unbelievable that these trees are mostly “stout” enough that the Tree Tubes could be removed:

1. They were just planted this past February and were, on average, 26″ tall at the time

2. In just over 4 months they have grown out the top of their 48″ Tubex Combitube Tree Tubesway out the top

3. The trees aren’t cottonwood or paulownia or other trees we associate with that type of growth.  They are oaks of various species.  Regularly readers know my feelings on oaks; they are NOT slow growing trees.  However, three feet of growth in the first year (so far – there’s a lot of growing left to be done) and significant caliper growth are pretty dang amazing.

Oaks planted in February 2011 as 26" seedlings have emerged from 4ft Tree Tubes. Many have grown so much in stem caliper they could support themselves without the Tree Tube!

I believe that the outstanding stem diameter growth is attributable to two factors:

1. Vented Tree Tubes – The increased CO2 in the tubes and the puffs of air rattling the leaves combine to “tell” the tree that it is growing in full sun

2. Flexible PVC Tree Tube Stakes – The swaying motion of the flexible PVC stakes also “tells” the tree that it is growing in the open, triggering growth responses that devote more energy and resources to stem thickness*.

* It should be noted that stem thickness is also the best indicator of root development; the thicker the stem the bigger and more developed the root system… which in turns fuels more top growth.

Thanks, and keep those emails & testimonials coming!!


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