Hybrid oak in Wilson Tree Tube grows 6 1/2 feet in 7 months

This overcup x white oak has growth 6.5' since spring!

Wow!  Click on the photo to enlarge it.  This hybrid oak (overcup x white – Quercus lyrata x Quercus alba) was planted in spring, 2011 as an 18 inch tall seedling.  It is now more than 8 feet tall.

Who says oaks are slow growing??

Planting stock:  Hybrid oak seedling from Mossy Oak’s Nativ Nurseries.

Tree tube: 4ft Tubex Plus Combitube Tree Tubes, from Wilson Forestry Supply.

Keys to success:

1. GREAT planting stock -hand selected seeds from naturally occurring hybrid oak parents (and hybrid white oaks are known for their vigor and early acorn production), container grown.

2. Excellent after-care:  Fertilization in the planting hole, aggressive weed control, pruning lateral branches to encourage a single straight stem.

3. The very best tree tubes on the market!  Large diameter, vented Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes.

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