Mossy Oak Tree Tubes Video – That’s one fast growing chickasaw plum tree!

Here’s a great video from our friends at Mossy Oak’s Nativ Nurseries (a great source for Wilson Tree Tubes!).

Once again you see what the combination of great nursery stock, fertilization and effective weed control can do when channeled safely past the deer through a high quality vented tree tube!

Also once again you see the dramatic difference between what a wire mesh cage has to offer as compared to Wilson Tree Tubes.  Yes, the wire mesh cages afford some browse protection (although not for any limbs that grow out through the mesh).  But they,

1. Do not protect from rodents

2. Do not protect from the drying effects of wind and drought (and therefore do not reduce the moisture stress on the plant the way that tree tubes do – so other than provided some browse protection they do not increase survival or accelerate growth)

3. Do not shield seedlings from contact systemic herbicides like Roundup, making it much more difficult to provide fast, effective weed control

Plus wire mesh cages generally cost more and require more maintenance in the field.

Thanks to the Mossy Oak team for great info!



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