Tree Tubes for natural red oak regeneration

Autumn is the perfect time to buy a few extra tree tubes and use them to enhance your red oak natural regeneration.

Naturally regenerated seedlings (a.k.a. “volunteers”) already have well established root systems, but chances are deer have kept them browsed back for years.  Put treeshelters on them and they’ll really take off in growth next year.

Fall is a great time to tree tube red oaks, because they turn bright red when most of the other vegetation on the forest floor turns yellow or brown.  The red oaks stand out like beacons.

First, clip those red oaks back to a single stem, even if that means pruning off a significant portion of the growth.  Remember, what you’re doing in putting tree tubes on these volunteers is you are simply allowing that huge root system to express itself while creating a well-formed, single-stemmed tree.

Second, drive your PVC tree tube stakes about 2 inches away from the base of the seedling, preferably on the north side (to prevent the stake from shading the tree).

Place your Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes down over the seedlings and cinch the ties around the stakes.  It’s that easy!

An added benefit is that now you will be able to quickly locate your red oaks and remove the competing vegetation that will prevent them from getting all of the light, nutrients and water they need for peak growth.


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