Tree Tubes – Perfect For Fall Planting

In many parts of the country autumn is a great time for planting seedling trees as well as direct-seeding acorns, walnuts or chestnuts.

For seedlings, as long as soils temp’s remain favorable those newly planted seedlings will initiate root growth, which will help them get off to a faster start next spring.

For direct-seeded nuts, fall planting is an easy way to provide the cold treatment (stratification) they need to break dormancy and germinate, and save the hassle of storing nuts over winter in the fridge or buried in the ground.

The only downside of fall planting, of course, is that it leaves seedlings or nuts exposed to deer and rodents for an extended period of time – at a time when these critters have fewer options for food and view your hard work as a snack.

Tree Tubes solve that.   Protecting fall-planted seedlings or nuts will keep them safe over the winter from deer and rodents, and will help them get off to a flying start next spring.

But not just any tree tube will do.  You should only use vented treeshelters like our Tubex Combitube Treeshelters.  Ventilation equalizes the temperature inside and and outside of the tree tubes, so the seedlings harden off properly for winter.

If you have any questions about fall planting or direct-seeding acorns, walnuts, and chestnuts, please call or email staff forester Chris Siems.

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