Tree Tubes For Sale – “Oddball” Orders Welcome!

For everyone who hates having to buy 16 hot dog buns when hot dogs come in packages of 12, Wilson Forestry Supply is the Tree Tube supplier for you!

Since making Tubex Combitube Plus (Large Diameter) Treeshelters available online last year at unbeatable prices, we have been amazed at the volume of online business we have done.  Clearly there are lots of knowledgeable tree tube buyers out there who know a great value when they see one!

And since instituting a policy where we’ll sell any quantity of tubes – 6, 31, 87, however many you need and not one tube more – the response has been overwhelming.

Tree Tubes are a great value, and save you lots of time, money and work – but they still cost money, and in this economy why waste money buying 25 or 50 tubes when you only need 17 or 42?

Yes, the Tubex Combitube Plus is the best tree tube on the market.  And yes, Wilson Forestry Supply offers it at an unbeatable price (thanks to our large volume ordering and low overhead).

But hopefully it’s two other things that set us apart:

1. I’m always looking for ways to remove hidden, unnecessary costs between the factory and your trees – like paying for tubes you don’t need just because that’s how some other tree tube supplier packages them.

2. Warehouse guys that can count!

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