Building on 2011

The first few days of the new year seem like an appropriate time to…

1)  THANK YOU, our customers, for an amazing 2011 at Wilson Forestry Supply.  Sales, primarily of Tubex Tree Tubes, exceeded all expectations (even at times outstripping our supply – a “good problem” to have but one we don’t intend to repeat in 2012!)

2) Let you know about some improvements we have planned for 2012.

Expanded product line – We will be adding the 2ft Tubex Treeshelter as a standard stock item, with the same unbeatable pricing as all of our products.  The 2ft Tubex Tree Tube is a great, cost effective solution for protecting seedlings from rodents, rabbits and weed control operations (either herbicide spray or mechanical weed control).

Bamboo stakes, while not a great option for 4ft and taller tree tubes, will be available for the 2ft Tubex Tree Tubes.

Reduced shipping costs – especially for large orders.  We are increasing the number of product storage sites around the country, to reduced the shipping distance to more customers… and as always we plan to pass the savings on to you.

I learned a long time ago that all of my forestry expertise is pointless unless I also become an expert in logistics – finding ways to put our tree establishment solutions in your hands at the lowest possible price.  Much of my time is spent cutting costs from the supply chain so you can establish more trees within your limited tree planting budget.

Increased custom capabilities – Wilson Forestry Supply has always built its systems around your needs, not ours.  We don’t make you buy 50 tree tubes when you only need 37.  We are continuing that tradition in 2012:

Need holes drilled in PVC stakes to secure plant tags identifying species, planting date, etc?  We can do that!

Need our side opening grow tubes, but with vent holes?  We can do that!

Need different length tree tubes – 3 foot, 18 inch, or even 4′ 5.3″?  We can do that!

Whatever it takes to make your project a success, within your budget.

That’s how we had such an amazing 2011, and that’s how we’ll make 2012 even better.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity – and successful tree planting – in 2012!

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