Hidden Cost of Tree Tubes: Stakes

When comparing the costs and benefits of various tree tubes on the market it is easy to overlook the cost of tree tube stakes.

Tree Tubes with PVC stakes

The inherent strength & rigidity of Tubex Tree Tubes allows you to use a 4ft tree tube stake for a 4ft tube.

With many types of tree tubes you have to purchase tree tube stakes that are at least 1 foot longer than the tubes.  Due to the pliable nature of these tubes the stake has to do 100% of the work in supporting the tree tube; after driving the stake the top of the stake must sit nearly at the top of the tube (or even above the top of the tube) to provide the support the tube – and the tree inside – needs.

Tubex Tree Tubes are so well made they do not ask as much of their companion stake.   The stake’s only job is to hold the Tubex Tree Tube upright.  You can use a 4ft stake with a 4ft Tubex Tree Tube; you drive the stake 12-14″ into the ground so that the top of the stake sits well below the rim of the tube.  The Tubex Tree Tube won’t buckle or bend.

A tree tube that requires you to buy a 5ft stake for a 4ft tube is increasing your stake cost by 25%!

We’ll look at more hidden costs of tree tubes in coming posts.  We offer Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes not just because they are the best tree tubes on the market, but also because they offer the lowest total cost of use with no hidden costs!


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