The importance of 4’s and 6’s

23 years since I sold my first tree tubes and one thing never gets old: entering new orders.

Back in the day I generally took down orders the old fashioned way, pen on paper.  I have come a long way.  Actually, no I haven’t.  I still take down orders with pen and paper.  The only difference is that these days I’m probably behind the wheel of my truck on my way to selling more tree tubes!

Whether you place your order online, email or phone it to me, or talk to my awesome colleagues at Wilson’s one thing is true of every order:  I personally review every order to make sure you’re getting all the discounts you’re entitled to and you’re not over paying for freight.

In reviewing stacks of orders these days 2 numbers keep popping out at me:  4 and 6.

Here’s what I mean by that.  Most tree tube makers pre-package their tubes in bags or boxes of 25 or 50, and force you to order in multiples of those quantities.

I don’t.  I make my warehouse guys count!  Only need 46 tubes (see, there are those numbers again)?  Great – why pay for 50?  Want 64 tubes (noticing a trend)? No problemo!

It’s a simple idea:  We don’t make you pay for more tubes than you need.  It is amazing to me how big this idea has caught on, and how many of our orders are for quantities that aren’t easily rounded off – but are easily counted when you have a dedicated warehouse crew!

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