Catalpa seedlings emerge from 5ft Tree Tubes in first year!

I have received hundreds of them over the years but emails like this never, ever get old!  From a customer in northern Illinois:

“Just a quick update.  I planted Catalpa tree seeds in my house in early March.  I transplanted them in the tree tubes in May.  I checked the tree tubes today and found them emerging from the tops of the 5 foot tubes!  In just 4 months in the middle of a drought!  I am sold on your tree tubes!!!”

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s going from seed to 62″ tall in 4 months.  I guarantee that with the extreme drought conditions throughout the Midwest that catalpa has grown faster than the corn.

It also shows – and this is a question I hear a lot – that big-leafed trees like catalpa and paulownia, as well as trees with big compound leaves like black walnut or massive doubly compound leaves like Kentucky coffee tree – grow great in tree tubes.

Trees are capable of astounding growth.  Tree Tubes don’t make them grow faster, they just remove the obstacles – heat/moisture stress, deer browse, etc. – that prevent them from reaching their growth potential.

Keep the emails and photos coming!

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