Ordering more Tree Tubes = a good thing!

Every spring it happens dozens if not hundreds of times:  A customer orders 100, 200 or 500 tree tubes… uses them… loves them… and decides she/he needs 50 or 100 more.

I happened again this morning.  The customer emailed to ask (after using and loving the 400 tree tubes & pvc tree tube stakes he received last month) if he could order 100 more at the same price per tube.

My answer:  Of course!  And I would have given him the same price as his original 400 even if he hadn’t asked.  It’s been a policy of mine for 23 years, based on a simple premise:  More = good.

For a repeat or follow-up order Ialways charge the same base price as the original order.  Sometimes I need to charge a little more for freight (e.g. if you ordered 2000 tubes and need 50 more obviously I can’t ship 50 tubes for the same cost per tube that I shipped 2000 – especially since I would have worked like crazy to get the best possible deal on shipping the 2000), but I’ll get as close as I can.

You worked hard to find Wilson Forestry Supply.  You made a very wise decision in ordering from us in the first place.  You worked hard to plant and protect your trees.  So when you come to realize you need a few more, the least I can do is give you the same great price I gave you on that first order!

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