Summer Time Is… Tree Tube Time!

I have been amazed at the number of orders that have continued to pour in for Tree Tubes!  In the olden days (late 80s and 90s) my June, July and August were quiet times for tree tube guys like me.  Kick back, feet up on the desk, catch up on reading, crickets chirping in the office quiet.

Not any more… and I’m not complaining!  Folks have realized that there’s no bad time to protect their trees with tree tubes, and that protecting them today is better than doing so tomorrow.

A lot of landowners have been walking around their property surveying spring tree planting projects and they are seeing either a) deer browse or b) the effects of drought and moisture stress.

(Or of course they are not seeing their seedlings at all since they are swarmed under with weeds and brush).

All three of these are great reasons to install tree tubes.  And there’s no time like the present to get it done… so keep the calls and orders coming.  I’d rather talk to you about your tree project that take those summer naps anyway!

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