Tree Tube Testimonials – Success despite drought and scorching temp’s

Emails like this one are the reason I love my job so much.  This is from a customer in Kansas, which is currently suffering through record high temperatures and record low rainfall.

“I ordered tree tubes and weed barrier fabric back in April from you.  I
planted trees all over in my pasture and ended up planting 135 oaks and
walnuts.  I am so glad that I chose to use your tubes and barrier as we
are in a severe drought and do not think I would have any left without
them.  I am watering them every 5 -7 days, but there is only so much a
guy can do when the temperature is hitting 100+ on a regular basis.  I
have lost about 15 of the little trees, but have several that might grow
out the top by the end of the season!

“Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your advice and help on my
first tree planting endeavor!”

Under normal conditions I’d be disappointed with 15 lost trees out of 135 planted; with tree tubes we usually see better survival than that.  But given the extreme conditions growers across the Midwest are facing that survival rate is nothing short of miraculous.

It is during drought years that the difference in survival between seedlings with and without tree tubes becomes glaring.  Zero survival is a distinct possibility without tree tubes.  With tree tubes 70, 80 or 90% survival is possible… again not the results I’d expect in a “normal” year (is there any such thing as a normal year any more?) but definitely the difference between success and failure.

This customer in Kansas sent a couple of great photos:

Treeshelters protecting black walnut and oak seedlings

Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes protecting black walnut and oak seedlings from scorching temps and low rainfall in Kansas (click to enlarge).

Tree Tube protecting tree seedling

Tree tubes dramatically reduce moisture stress on tree seedlings; a Kansas planting facing severe drought conditions would have been a complete failure without tree tubes and weed mats (click to enlarge).

This gentlemen has clearly mastered Tree Tube Photography 101:  always photograph your trees in the early morning or late evening!

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