Oak seedlings emerge from 6 foot Tree Tubes in first season!

In 2012 we re-introduced 6 foot tree tubes in response to a growing number of reports of deer getting up on their hind legs and browsing trees emerging from 5 foot tree tubes.

I sold 6 foot tree tubes back in the late 80s and early 90s, but discontinued them for several reasons.  First, it was difficult to source & ship 6ft stakes.  Second, with 6 foot tubes the stakes were being asked to absorb a great deal of force when high winds pushed the tubes – this led to a high percentage of stake failure.  Finally, in the dark days when winter die back and thin-stemmed growth were issues with unvented, small diameter tubes, these problems were exacerbated in 6 foot tubes.

Having solved both the die back issue (with the advent of vented tree tubes) and the thin-stemmed growth issue (with a combination of larger diameter tubes, vented, and flexible pvc stakes… see previous post!), and with increased reports of deer browsing trees emerging from 5 foot tubes, we decided the time was right to bring 6 foot tree tubes back.

The decision to re-introduce 6 foot tree tubes was definitely a good one.  And, having done so, I knew it would only be a matter of a few months until I received photographs like these:

Tree tube on oak seedling

An oak planted as a 12″ seedling in late autumn 2011 emerging from a 6 foot Tubex Combitube Tree Tube… in its first growing season! (Click to enlarge)

Oak tree emerging from tree tube

A closer look at an oak seedling emerging from a 6 foot tree tube in its first growing season. (Click to enlarge)

Yes, that’s 5.5ft of growth (and counting) in the first growing season.  And the deer will need a step ladder to browse this one.

Then again, I wouldn’t put it past them!


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