Why we can sell the best Tree Tube in the world for less – Part 37

We are so conditioned to think that we have to choose between price and quality that it’s sometimes hard to get people to understand that with Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes you don’t have to sacrifice either price or quality – you get the premium product on the market at a price that is comparable to tree tubes of far inferior quality.

How do we do it?  By fanatically focusing on all of the logistical issues – the “getting them from Point A to Point B issues – to drive all unnecessary costs out of the process.

Here’s another example.  When you buy are large quantity of tree tubes and white oak stakes from some suppliers you quickly run into two cost-increasing logistical issues (actually there are 3 cost increasing issues, since they will probably make you order a fixed quantity in order to get pallet pricing in the first place; not so with us!):

1)  The tree tubes and white oak stakes will be shipped on 2 pallets, more than doubling your freight costs

2) Very likely the tree tubes and stakes will be shipped from two different locations, more than doubling freight costs and making it so you have to coordinate deliver and unloading of two separate loads of material

Here’s how we do it:

Tree Tubes & white oak stakes loaded on pallet

Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes and white oak stakes loaded on a pallet and ready to ship from our warehouse.

One pallet.  Custom packed with the exact quantity you need.

Reduced shipping costs for you. No need to worry about multiple deliveries. Order the exact quantity you need, not the quantity the supplier wants to make you buy.

It all adds up to big savings.  It all adds up to getting the best tree tubes on the market for the lowest price!

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