My favorite tree tube sale…

My tree tube sales generally fall into one of three categories:

1) Folks who have planted trees time after time only to have them gnawed off and destroyed by deer or rabbits, but who found out about tree tubes and are giving them a try.  I hate that these poor folks had to suffer through years of failed planting before finding me, but I love these sales because I know that now those years of unrewarded hard work will come to an end.  It takes someone who has tried to plant trees without them to truly appreciate what tree tubes can do for you.

2) Folks who are planting for the first time, and were lucky enough to hear about tree tubes from a friend or neighbor and want their planting to succeed from the very beginning.  I love these sales because I know these folks will never have to suffer through years of failed plantings (although I secretly worry that perhaps they won’t appreciate what tree tubes do for them since they didn’t suffer through the alternative!).

3) The kind of sale that both of the groups above always become:  Repeat sales!  I love hearing back from old customers, telling me how great their trees are doing, and ordering more tree tubes for the next batch of trees they are planting.

Which is my favorite type of tree tube sale?  I’d have to say it’s a three way tie!

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