YES! You DO put a 5 foot Tree Tube on a 6 inch seedling!

As the popularity of tree tubes has increased I get this question less and less often – but remains the #1 question people have about tree tubes:  “You mean I can a 5 foot tall tree tube over a little 6 inch seedling?”

Answer:  Absolutely!  In fact,

1) You can put a 4 or 5 foot tall tree tube over a planted acorn, chestnut, walnut or hickory nut.

2) The bigger the difference between the height of the seedling and the height of the tube, the more dramatic the results will be.

In short, tree tubes are the fastest way to go from this…

Sawtooth oak seedling getting protection from tree tube

This 6 inch sawtooth oak seedling is about to be covered by a 4 foot Tubex Combitube Tree Tube. (That sound you hear is the seedling sighing with relief – it is seconds away from being safe from deer and sheltered from the drying effects of wind and drought.)

… to this:

sawtooth oak emerging from tree tube

Same seedling, 6 months later! Emerging from a 4 foot tree tube.

No tree is too small for a tree tube.  No small tree should be without one!

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