Old Friends

I love this time of year!  Every spring I hear from customers/friends who call year after year to order tree tubes for the spring’s projects.

In addition to getting repeat orders for tree tubes, I get updates on how previous tree planting projects are doing, gets tips & ideas on growing practices and product improvement ideas, and just generally get a lot smarter about tree planting by virtue of speaking with the smartest tree planters out there (a.k.a. my customers).

Best of all it’s my chance to hear, in the words of the immortal Paul Harvey, the rest of the story.  And if I’m lucky, I get to see the rest of the story too, when customers email photos from previous projects.

Sometimes new customers ask outright: Do tree tubes work?  What do the trees look like 6, 7, 8 years down the road?  Take a look at these photos from a customer in Danville, KY.

Pin oak grown in tree tube

Pin oak planted in spring 2004. Tree tube has done its job and is ready for removal.

tree tubes on Chinese chestnuts

Chinese chestnuts planted as seedlings in tree tubes spring of 2004.


Tree tubes on northern red oak

Northern red oak from the Kentucky state nursery planted in spring 2006 with tree tubes.

Keep those calls and emails coming!  Like I always say, I have two favorite kinds of customers:  Repeat customers and new customers (who will become repeat customers!).  Note:  I always find it funny that folks who plan to do one planting project keep calling year after year for more tree tubes to use on more seedlings – because once they see the results and have success, they get hooked on planting!

One hint:  When you call be prepared to spend a bit of time on the phone.  I love talking trees!

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