1/2″ PVC Tree Tube Stakes – the cat’s meow!

The idea of using ½” schedule 40 PVC conduit for tree tube stakes is gaining converts every day.  I received this email from a customer over the weekend:

“You’re definitely right recommending the PVC stakes.”

I’m marking this date on my calendar:  It only took me 24 years of working with tree tubes to be right about something (usually my customers come up with all the great ideas – and in fact they came up with this idea as well, I just adopted it!).  The customer went on to give a great recommendation for cutting PVC tree tube stakes to length:

“One final FYI on the PVC that you may know already…I cut several of them using a saw before I decided to experiment with a sharp pair of tree branch loppers (the big ones)…those loppers work GREAT… Much better than the mess with sawing…worked great…”

PVC Tree Tree Tube stakes

1/2″ schedule 40 PVC makes the best tree tube stake!

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