Caution: Tree Tube buyers become serial tree planters

I am noticing a trend.  Tree planting used to be more of a big once-a-lifetime project.  I shudder to think of the success rate of most of those projects – folks with little to no tree planting experience planting way more trees at one time than they could possibly care for properly.

Today’s tree planter – and therefore today’s tree tube customer – is different, in several important – and very encouraging – ways.  Today’s tree planter:

1) Plants fewer trees at a time, but gives each tree the care it needs, not just to survive but to grow like crazy

2) Spends a year or two nursing a small number of trees while developing a system – a recipe – for success (species selection, nursery stock choice, planting method, tree tube height, weed control regimen, etc.), and then replicates that recipe year after year on new plantings.

In other words, instead of planting thousands of trees in one mass planting and hoping against hope that enough of them survive to call the project a success (but, sadly and more likely experiencing wholesale failure), today’s tree planter is eliminating luck from the equation by planting fewer trees at a time, developing a recipe for success, then replicating that process year after year.

The thing about tree tubes is that even folks who go into their first tree planting project thinking it’s a one shot deal have so much fun and see such great results that they just have to plant more trees next year – in part to see if they can top the results they had before.

It reminds me of the guy who’s always tinkering with the engine of his vintage car, trying to get a couple more horsepower out of it next weekend at the drag strip… but a lot less noisy!

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