Amazing what a little rain will do!

Customers in the Midwest who suffered through the drought of 2012 saw the benefit of tree tubes in terms of increased survival – in many cases tree tubes made the difference between a high level of success and complete failure.

I am happy to hear that most of those customers are seeing much higher rainfall levels – and are being rewarded with outstanding growth.  This email came today from a customer in Kansas:

It is amazing what water will do.  We are having an above average year with moisture and some of the Saw Tooth Oaks that I planted as seedlings have breached the top of the 5ft tree tubes in their first growing season.  I put them in the ground April 21 as 12-18″ seedlings and away they have grown.  Some of the Cottonwood trees I planted the same day are way out the tubes and pushing 7′.  Many of the slower growing Oaks from last year are finally pushing out of the tops of the 4′ tubes.  Fun to see them grow.

Survival in bad years so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.  Amazing growth in good years.  And there’s that word I love to see customers use when referring to growing trees in tree tubes:  Fun!!!

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