Lightening strikes twice… new weed mat is the next revolution!

I am the luckiest guy I know.

Nearly 25 years ago a good friend and forestry school classmate told me about tree tubes, which has recently been introduced to the USA from England.  I immediately arrived at the conclusion that tree tubes would ultimately revolutionize the way trees are planted in North America, from hardwood forestry to back yard plantings.

I was right (even though it took about 20 more years and a lot more work than I, in my naivete, thought that it would!).

Now it’s happened again – a flaky dude like me stumbling upon the next major advancement in tree planting in the USA.  Let me set the scene.  In the last couple of years two of the smartest foresters I know – independently of one another – sketched an idea for a weed mat with raised edges that would capture rainwater and funnel it to the tree while blocking weeds and conserving soil moisture.  It was one of those great ideas waiting for an opportunity.

Earlier this year I was at a trade show, and to my utter disbelief a guy I had never met before walked right up to the booth holding in his hand virtually the exact product my friends and I had discussed – only better designed and better made.

The gentleman is from Israel, where every drop of water is precious and whose farmers are the world’s pioneers in optimizing water use.  I nearly gave the guy a bear hug, introduced myself, and immediately asked for US distribution rights.

Introducing the IrriPan Weed Mat.

IrriPan Weed Mat

IrriPan Weed Mat, the next revolution in tree planting. Blocks weeds, funnels & conserve water and reflects light… for even faster growth!

IrriPan Weed Mats multiply growth three ways:

1) IrriPan multiplies water

> by capturing rain or irrigation water and funneling it to the tree

> by holding soil moisture in the ground

> by preventing weeds from stealing water from your tree

2) IrriPan multiplies nutrients, by killing the weeds that steal limited soil resources

3) IrriPan multiplies light

> by reflecting light back up to the tree (upper surface is white, lower surface is black)

> by killing weeds that steal light and shade your tree

IrriPan is available now.  Stay tuned for more information and pricing.  Visit to learn more.

Talk about living a charmed life – two revolutionary technologies!  Yes, I’m a lucky dude.


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