Wilson Tree Tubes: Hog proof?

I am often asked how our tree tubes stand up to rooting by wild hogs.  I am usually a little hesitant to say that a plastic tube that weighs about 8 ounces – no matter how well constructed – can stand up to a wild boar tipping the scales at a couple hundred pounds of sheer strength and meanness.

My customers who have first hand experience with wild hogs aren’t so hesitant… because they have seen first hand the way hogs can completely root up an area but leave the tree tubes alone.  This week a customer in the Southeast sent a text saying, “Tree tubes are hog proof too.  There’s the hard evidence.”  … referring to the two photos he attached:

tree tubes and wild hogs

Hogs rooted up the ground around these tree tubes but left the tubes – and more importantly the sawtooth oak and Chinese chestnut seedlings inside – unscathed. (Click photo to enlarge)

Tree tubes protect seedlings from hog damage

On the plus side, who needs Round up with hogs do your weed control for you?! This only works when seedlings are protected with a top notch tree tube. Flexible PVC stakes (1/2 schedule 40 pvc conduit) also stand up to hogs – they flex but don’t break.  (Click photo to enlarge)

Update:  My customer sent three new photos showing how hogs rooted up the ground around his tree tubes but left the tubes and trees alone.

Tree tubes and wild hogstree tubes and wild hogsHog damage 5

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