Tree Tubes: Chinese chestnuts produced in 3rd season since germination!

I have seen a lot of amazing growth in tree tubes in the 25 years that  I have been working with them, but this is astounding even to me… but it shows you what is possible… and how we have barely scratched the surface of the growth potential of the trees we plant.

I blogged about this tree last fall.  Here’s the history:  1) Germinated from chestnut in spring 2012 and grown in root-pruning pot for 4 months.  2) Planted in July, 2012 – with a 4ft Tree Tube and an IrriPan Weed Mat.  3) The photo below was taken in August, 2103 – toward the end of the second growing season since germination:

IrriPan Weed Mats

Chinese chestnut tree in Wilson Tree Tube and IrriPan Weed Mat
Planted: July 2012
Height at planting: 12 inches
Photo taken: August, 2013 (Click to enlarge photo)

Here is what that same tree looks like today:

Chinese chestnut tree in tree tube

Same Chinese chestnut tree, June 2, 2104… just 27 months since germinating from seed! Tree tube is 4ft tall.  (Click to enlarge photo)

The tree continues to grow at an amazing clip, is adding lateral branches and is gaining girth.  But you have to look very closely to see the most remarkable thing about this tree:  FLOWERS – tons of them!  That means that in the 3rd growing season since germination – and in only its second full growing season in the ground – this tree will produce chestnuts.


I always say that we are only beginning to realize the true growth potential, especially of trees heretofore considered to be “slow growing” like oaks.  I know that trees are capable of jaw-dropping growth.  But then when I see proof I’m just as amazed as everyone else.




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