Chinese chestnut in a tree tube

I love getting photos that customers take looking down a tree tube and tracking the progress of a seedling over time.  The only problem is that the tree tends to grow out the top of the tube so quickly that they don’t get many shots of the seedling while still completely inside the tube!

Here’s a set of a Chinese chestnut tree (purchased from Mossy Oak’s Nativ Nurseries) in a tree tube:

tree tube chinese chestnut

June 27, 2014

tree tube on chinese chestnut seedling

July 16, 2014

tree tube chinese chestnut

July 22, 2014

The customer only had time to get two shots looking down the tree tube before the first leaf started peaking out the top.  Approximately 14 inches of growth in a little less than a month… not bad!  But I have a feeling this dude is just hitting his stride and will put on a ton of growth in the coming month.

Stay tuned!

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