Chinese Chestnut Progress Report: 40 days of growth

A customer has been sending me photos about every three weeks showing the progress of one of his Chinese chestnut trees.  This tree was purchased and planted this past spring (2014) as a 20″ tall seedling from Mossy Oak’s Nativ Nurseries, and was protected with a 4ft tree tube.  It’s pretty dang cool when trees grow so fast that three weeks is a big enough time lapse to show serious growth!  Here are the last three photos in the sequence:

tree tube protecting chinese chestnut

Chinese chestnut from Nativ Nurseries, planted spring 2014 as 20 inch seedling.  4ft tree tube.  Photo taken August 11, 2014.

Chinese chestnut in tree tube

Photo taken September 1, 2014.

Tree tube on Chinese chestnut

Photo taken September 21, 2014

The customer is located in northern Florida.  Most of his 2014-planted Chinese chestnuts showed little to no above ground growth for the first part of the growing season, as they busily established their roots below ground.  Some of them reached the tipping point where they had enough root growth to then allocate energy into height growth.  Some are still sitting tight, growing their roots, and will start to show serious height growth next season.

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