“A sea of tree tubes”

A customer emailed over the weekend with a photo of his property.  This customer does something I love.  He orders some tubes every spring.  Yes, I love the repeat business.  But what I mean is that I love that he doesn’t try to plant too many trees at once.  He only plants as many as he can care for properly and get off to a great start, and then he does some more the following spring.  One mistake too many tree planters make is trying to plant too many trees at once.  They soon realize that they can’t provide proper care – especially weed control – for all of them, and they get frustrated.  Better by far to plant fewer trees per year, get them well established, and then do another batch a year or two later.  The results 5 or 10 years down the line will be way better, and the process is much more enjoyable and rewarding!

Tree tubes on seedlings

Customer email: “My 20 acre residence in SE WI is turning into a sea of tree tubes.”

I have a running joke with this customer – and it’s the same for many others – that he could email each spring and just write “the usual” and I’d ship his tree tubes!

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