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You only need to know three things about ordering Tubex Tree Tubes from Wilson Forestry Supply:

1) They cost less than you think!  Thanks to our high volume, low overhead, and efficient logistics you can generally buy the world’s best tree tubes for the same price – or just a little more than – lower quality “knock off” tree tubes that carry high hidden costs.

2) It’s all about your project.  You can order any quantity of Tubex Tree Tubes in any combination of sizes (Need 32 four foot tubes and 12 five foot tubes?  No problem!).  It’s all about getting you the tree tubes you need to make your project a success, without forcing you to buy pre-packaged quantities of 25, 50, etc.

3) Ordering from us assures you of the LOWEST TOTAL COST for your tree tube project.  You might be able to find lower quality tubes for a little less.  But those tubes require the use of taller, more expensive stakes (not to mention a lot more time and labor for installation and maintenance).

How to order:


Keep in mind that ALL Tubex Tree Tubes are meant for use with small seedlings (6 inches to 36 inches tall) or direct-planted acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, etc.  YES!  You can (and often times should) use a 5ft or even 6ft Tubex Tree Tube on a tiny seedling, if you have lots of deer in the area.  You choose the right Tubex Tree Tube based on the biggest threat from which you need to protect your trees.

 Rodent protection:  Choose from 2ft or 3ft Tubex Standard Tree Tubes

  • In regions with little or no winter snow cover, use 2ft Tubex Standard Tree Tubes for protection from voles, mice and rabbits.  (Suggested companion stake:  24 inch PVC stake)
  • In regions with heavy winter snow cover, use 3ft Tubex Standard Tree Tubes for protection from voles, mice and rabbits.  (Suggested companion stake: 36 inch PVC stake)

 Deer protection:  Choose from 4ft, 5ft or 6ft Tubex Combitube PLUS Tree Tubes

  • 4ft Tubex Combitube Plus Tree Tubes provide enough protection to grow trees past the deer browse line about 75% of the time.  Deer can browse trees emerging from 4ft tree tubes.  In most cases the tree will have enough stored energy to send a rapid growth shoot past the deer browse line.  However, in some areas deer will repeatedly browse trees as they emerge from 4ft tree tubes, not allowing them to grow taller.  In these cases the protection of the 4ft tube can be supplemented either with deer repellent or a 2ft Tubextender kit (sold separately).
  • 5ft Tubex Combitube Plus Tree Tubes provide enough protection from deer approximately 90% of the time.  In areas with extremely high deer densities, the deer can browse trees as they emerge from 5ft tree tubes.  Cases of deer browsing trees emerging from 5ft tree tubes are most common with fruit trees such as apples, crabapples, pear, etc.
  • 6ft Tubex Combitube Plus Tree Tubes provide enough protection from deer 99.87% of the time (OK, we made that up, but 6ft tubes are as close to complete deer protection as you can get).

The goal is to get as many trees successfully past the deer browse line as possible within your budget.  There are several legitimate strategies to accomplish this:

1)  Start all of your trees in 4ft Tubex Combitube Plus Tree Tubes.  That might be all the protection they need.  If the deer keep them browsed after they emerge from the tubes you can either apply a repellent or add a Tubextender.  Chances are this would only be the case for certain tree species, or for certain parts of your planting.  It’s a good way to spread the cost of tree establishment out over a few years.

2)  Use 5ft or 6ft tree tubes on species (especially fruit trees) or in locations (adjacent to woods, creeks, or other places heavily used/traveled by deer) where deer browse will likely be heaviest, and then 4ft tree tubes on the remaining trees.

3)  Use 5ft or 6ft tree tubes on all of your trees from the start.  This might mean planting fewer trees within your budget, but also means that your trees are sure to grow past the deer without supplemental deer browse protection.

If you have any questions about which strategy is best for you, feel free to contact Wilson Staff Forester Chris Siems.  Put his 23 years of tree tube experience to work for you!


With Wilson Forestry Supply you can order the exact number of tree tubes you need.  We don’t make you buy pre-packaged bags of 25 or 50.

Need 37 four foot tree tubes and 52 five foot tree tubes?  No problem!

Need just 3 tree tubes for a few seedlings in the back yard?  No worries!

Need 12,503 tree tubes for a large scale planting project?  We’ll save you money both on tubes and shipping.


Large Quantity Orders:  If you are thinking of 500 or more tree tubes and/or stakes, call or email for special pricing.

Online Orders:  For the best online pricing & service Wilson Forestry Supply has teamed up with our friends at Tree Protection Supply LLC.  By pooling resources and sharing inventory and shipping costs we are able to provide you with the best online pricing for the highest quality tree tubes on the market!

To order online, Click Here To Link To Tree Protection Supply.  Don’t forget to order your PVC Tree Tubes stakes to provide the best support for your Tubex Tree Tubes!

Phone & Email Orders:  Of course you’re always welcome to order by phone or email.  Just call or email with the quantity you need and your zip code, and Wilson Staff Forester Chris Siems will get right back to you with delivered pricing.

Note:  Please do NOT send your credit card information via email, since emails are not encrypted for security.  To finalize your order we will get your credit card information by phone.

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