IrriPan Weed Mats

IrriPan™ Weed Mats are the next revolution in tree planting.

IrriPan™ Weed Mats were developed in Israel, where every drop of water is precious, by the Tal-Ya Corporation – experts in turning an extremely limited water supply into optimal tree growth.  Wilson Forestry Supply is proud to make IrriPan™ Weed Mats available to tree planters in the USA.

Who needs IrriPan™ Weed Mats?  Any tree planter who wants to turbo charge growth!

IrriPan Weed Mat

This sawtooth oak was planted as an 12 inch tall seedling just 5 months ago. It has grown 5 feet in its first growing season thanks to the combination of an IrriPan™ Weed Mat and a Wilson Tree Tube!

IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply everything your tree seedlings need…

1) IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply WATER

  • Capture rain water falling in a 5 square foot area and funnels it to the seedling
  • Prevents evaporation of soil moisture
  • Keeps weeds from stealing water from your seedlings

2) IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply LIGHT

  • White upper surface reflects light back up to your seedling
  • Black lower surface blocks sunlight to kill weeds and grass – so weeds and grass don’t steal sunlight from your seedling

3) IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply NUTRIENTS

  • Stops weeds from taking limited soil nutrients away from your tree seedling

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