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Auger planting… just say no

I am often asked, What is the best tool for tree planting?  And, What do you think about using a power auger for planting?  Yes, augers make quick work of digging planting holes.  Yes, augers are darn fun to use.  … Continue reading

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IrriPan Weed Mats… rockin’ it!

You are not going to believe this.  Take a look: You read that correctly.  This Chinese chestnut was planted in July, 2012 as a 12″ seedling.  It was immediately protected with a 4ft tree tube.  It was watered a few … Continue reading

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Lightening strikes twice… new weed mat is the next revolution!

I am the luckiest guy I know. Nearly 25 years ago a good friend and forestry school classmate told me about tree tubes, which has recently been introduced to the USA from England.  I immediately arrived at the conclusion that … Continue reading

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Amazing what a little rain will do!

Customers in the Midwest who suffered through the drought of 2012 saw the benefit of tree tubes in terms of increased survival – in many cases tree tubes made the difference between a high level of success and complete failure. … Continue reading

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