Deer Fencing

Wilson Forestry Supply offers two styles of deer fencing, depending on the strength and longevity you need.

Plastic Mesh Deer Fence is perfect for temporary protection of wildlife food plots, or up to 5 years of protection for new tree plantings.  Fasten to 10ft t-posts or directly to existing trees.

image of plastic deer fencing image of plastic deer fence

  • 8 foot x 500 foot pieces
  • ¾” mesh
  • UV stabilized for long life

We recommend using sod staples to secure the bottom.
For added effectiveness, tie holographic “bird scare” tape to the fence every 10 feet at various heights.

Wire Mesh Deer Fence is a long term solution to deer exclusion.  Fasten to wooden posts or 8ft t-posts.

  • 75 inch x 330 foot rolls image of wire deer fence
  • 12 gauge wire

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