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Tree Tubes – Go from seedling to tree… fast!

Grow Seedlings Fast and Easy with Tree Tubes
image of Tree Tubes over sawtooth oak seedling Image of Tree Tubes with sawtooth oak tree

Tree Tubes (also known as “treeshelters” or “tree protectors”) turn seedlings into healthy, fast growing trees in less time & with less work!

  • Protect tree seedlings from deer browse and “buck rub,” rabbits, and rodents
  • Accelerate growth & increase survival rates – it’s like giving each seedling its own mini-greenhouse
  • Shield seedlings from herbicide and mowers, for faster, easier weed control (which further accelerates growth)
  • Mark seedling location, so your seedlings are easy to find and care for

Tree tubes protect seedlings from deer

Tree Tubes save time & money – No more wasted effort, no more wasted years planting over and over again, only to have your seedlings eaten by deer, scorched by drought or smothered by competing vegetation.

Use Tree Tubes On:

  • Newly planted seedlings – from 2 inches to 4 feet tall – to get them off to a safe, healthy start!  Tree Tubes shield them from animal damage, reduce moisture stress and make weed control fast and easy.
  • Seedlings you planted in previous seasons but have been nipped off by deer or rabbits – just prune them to a single stem, apply Wilson Tree Tubes, and stand back!  Your trees already have established root systems.  Give them Wilson Tree Tubes and you won’t believe how fast it will grow!
  • Natural or “volunteer” seedlings you want to favor with the fast growth, browse protection and easy weed/brush control Tree Tubes can give them
  • Stump sprouts – it’s not uncommon for sprouts from harvested trees to grow 8, 10 or even 12 feet in one year with a Tree Tube!
  • Direct seeded acorns, chestnuts or walnuts
  • Grafted fruit or nut trees that are 2 feet to 4 feet tall

Which Trees Grow Well In Tree Tubes?

  • All broadleaf (hardwood) seedlings, for wildlife habitat, conservation and reforestation plantings – oak, maple, black walnut, fruit trees, nut trees – all broadleaf trees thrive in Wilson Tree Tubes!
  • Baldcypress in the Southeast
  • Conifers in the Pacific Northwest

Wilson Forestry Supply is proud to offer Tubex “Combitube” Tree Tubes

Wilson Forestry Supply is proud to partner with Tubex, the world leader in tree tube technology, to bring you the very best Tree Tube in the world at unbeatable prices.

Tubex Treeshelters have been the tree tubes of choice for professional foresters and tree planting contractors for more than 20 years, thanks to an unbeatable combination of features:

  • Ready-to-install in nested groups of circular Tree Tubes – no forming the tubes to shape
  • Pre-threaded ties – no fumbling with loose ties and threading with cold or gloved hands
  • Rigid Tree Tubes – easy to push the base of the tube into the soil to meet installation guidelines
  • Flared rim to prevent bark abrasion as trees emerge from the Tree Tubes

Professional tree contractors say that they can install Tubex Tree Tubes 20-40% faster than any other tree tube brand.

Why Vented Tree Tubes?

Tubex Combitube Treeshelters offer all of the advantages of regular Tubex Tree Tubes, with the added benefit of ventilation.  Why use Vented Tree Tubes?

  • Accelerate growth due to increased exchange of carbon dioxide
  • Promote thicker stem growth
  • Allow proper dormancy in cold climates – no more winter die-back or frost damage
  • Reduces build up of heat and moisture in southern climates

Wilson – A Proud History

Wilson Irrigation and Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply have been providing fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest with innovative products and expert service for nearly 20 years.

Wilson staff forester Chris Siems helped introduced tree tubes to the USA nearly 22 years ago, and has been working with tree tubes continuously ever since.  While he has B.S. degree in forestry and more than two decades of experience in the use of tree tubes to achieve your management goals, he is equally experienced in finding creative ways to store, package and ship tree tubes and stakes in the most economical ways – so you get more bang for your tree planting buck!

Tubex CombiTube Tree Tube Specifications:

Height: 4 feet (1.2 meters) & 5 feet (1.5 meters)
Diameter: Nests of five tree tubes, 3.15” to 4.72” in diameter
Twin-walled (corrugated)
Flared rim
Pre-threaded ties


Even the best tree tube is only as good as the stake that supports it -We highly recommend pairing your Tree Tubes with our PVC tree tube stakes!

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