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Wilson Tree Tubes

Turning dreams into reality – hybrid oak 7 months after planting as a 24 inch tall seedling, thanks to Wilson Tree Tubes and a dedicated landowner.

You aren’t just planting trees.  You are planting a vision – a dream – of what you want your property to be 5, 10, 50 years from now.

Wilson Forestry Supply is absolutely committed to making that dream come true,

  • Faster
  • With less wasted time & effort
  • At the lowest possible total cost

Wilson Forestry Supply is a division of Wilson Irrigation which has proudly served commercial tree fruit and grape growers growers of Washington’s Yakima Valley for more than a generation.

In 2010 Wilson staff forester Christian E. Siems, who helped introduce tree tubes to the USA in 1989, joined the Wilson team and started Wilson Forestry Supply with the aim of bringing Wilson’s commitment to quality, service and value to forestry supplies and tree planting products.  Chris is the leading authority on tree tubes and their successful use.

No matter what type of tree planting project you have to do…

  • Hardwood regeneration
  • Windbreaks, shelterbelts and living snow fences
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Mitigation banking
  • Riparian buffers – CREP or CRP
  • Ecological restoration
  • Just a few trees in the back yard

… Wilson Forestry Supply will get your trees off to a great start – for less money than you expect.  We carry the state-of-the-art in:

These are the best tools available for successful tree planting.  But even the best tools are only as good as the knowledge that goes with them.

Wilson Forestry Supply has the know-how and experience to help you get the job done right.  We measure our success not by the number of tree tubes we sell but by the success of your planting project.  Every tree you plant counts.  We’re happy to provide advice on all aspects of tree planting – from species selection, planting stock preferences, planting design, planting methods and maintenance.

Our goal is to take the “luck” out of tree planting, and leave nothing to chance.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any tree related questions you have!

We are committed to keep prices as low as possible, by keeping our margins low and driving unnecessary costs out of the supply chain.

And we never, ever make you purchase more tree tubes than you need.  If you need 37 tubes, we’ll sell you 37 tubes – not 50 or 100.  It’s just one more way we take the hidden costs out of tree planting.

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