Tree Tube Stakes

Wilson Forestry Supply offers the very best tree tubes available today, but even the best tree tube is only as good as the stake that supports it.

Remember, the tree tube stake functions as the tree’s support system until the tree emerges from the treeshelter and becomes self-supporting – a period of three to seven years depending on the species and growing conditions.

We offer two types of stakes to meet your budget and project requirements.

PVC Tree Tube Stakes

In 24 years I have tried every kind of tree tube stakes there is:  wood of every description, fiberglass, bamboo, rebar, etc.

Turns out the best tree tube stakes was sitting in a rack at your local building center all the time:  Schedule 40 PVC 1/2″ conduit makes the best tree tube stakes bar none!
Advantages of PVC Tree Tube Stakes:
• Can be driven into any soil
• Won’t rot – can be reused
• Will sway and flex in the wind, but won’t tilt or break

image of tubex tree tube with pvc tree tube stakesimage of tubex tree tube with pvc tree tube stake

The flexibility of PVC tree tube stakes has another major advantage: the swaying motion promotes more stem diameter growth of the tree, so it will become self-supporting more quickly.

Our PVC stakes save you the time, expense and hassle of buying and cutting your own PVC stakes.  We also get huge volume discounts and pass the savings on to you.

Notes:  1) If you have rocky or compacted soil, PVC stake might be able to penetrate the soil. You might need white oak stakes (with either pencil point or arrow pointed tips – NOT single wedge cut tips) or steel rebar.  2) If you have bottom land soil prone to flooding and which stays wet much of the season, use PVC stakes that are 1ft longer than your tubes so you can drive them deeper into the soil.

White Oak Heartwood Tree Tube Stakes
In many areas white oak stakes are the standard for treeshelter support
• Decay resistant
• Strong – can be driven into rocky or compacted soils
• Stand up to strong winds

To order PVC or white oak tree tube stakes online visit our partner Tree Protection Supply.

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