5 foot Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes coming soon!

Many visitors have asked:  Do you offer 5 foot Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes?

We’re happy to report:  We will soon!

4 foot tree tubes are still the most popular height used, and get the job done in the majority of situations.  In terms of basic cost/benefit analysis, most tree planters are best served by 4 foot tree tubes.

However, there are places where 5 foot tree tubes make a big difference – that extra one foot of deer browse protection is needed to get the trees past the browse line.

Folks in the norther tier of states like to brag that’s because their whitetail deer are bigger than the deer down South.  Actually it has a lot more to do with population density than the size of the individual deer.  The more deer per square mile, the heavier the pressure on available sources of food, and the higher deer are willing to browse – to the point of standing on their hind legs to get at twigs and leaves.

So for those of you needing 5 foot tree tubes for spring planting, we have them on the way.  Don’t order from somewhere else until you contact us for a low price on 5ft tree tubes!

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