Tree Tubes at discount prices for QDMA, NWTF members

Hunters planting trees to promote wildlife habitat do a lot more than just create wild turkey or whitetailed deer habitat on their own properties.  They create habitat for game and non-game species that provide benefits for all wildlife lovers far beyond the boundaries of their own properties.  For that they should be applauded – and given a helping hand.

Sportsmen also tend to plant trees where there are a lot of deer, and that deer love to browse.  They also pay premium prices for fast-growing trees with known genetics – trees like Chinese chestnuts, persimmons, named crabapples, pears, apples, sawtooth oak, Nuttall oak and hybrid oaks.

In other words, hunters use Tree Tubes – a lot of them!  And hunters deserve the BEST tree tube – Tubex Combitube Treeshelters from Wilson Forestry Supply.

To help hunters get more “bang” for their tree planting “buck,” Wilson Forestry Supply is happy to offer discounted prices for members of NWTF, QDMA and other state and national sportsman and habitat organizations.  It’s our way of saying Thank You for all of the habitat you are creating from your hard-earned dollars and your hard work.

For details, please contact Chris Siems, Wilson’s staff forester.

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