Better AND Cheaper: The Toughest Sell

I have been selling Tree Tubes ever since helping to introduce Tubex Treeshelters to the USA in 1989.  I believe so strongly in the importance of Tree Tubes in helping tree planters across the USA achieve their goals that I have always committed myself to two things:

1. Offering the very best Tree Tubes on the market (which currently means the Tubex Combitube Plus Tree Tube)

2. Finding ways to make those high quality tubes available to growers at the lowest possible price… so that tree tubes can be affordable to as many tree planters as possible, and so that they can purchase more without breaking their tree planting budget.

In other, simpler words, selling the best tree tubes at the lowest price.  Sounds easy, right?  You’d be surprised to know how difficult it is!  At first people simply can’t believe that Wilson can offer such a great price on the best tree tube on the market.  That’s because we are so conditioned to having to choose between PRICE and QUALITY that is is hard to believe that there are cases where you can still get both.

But keep in mind that the Tree Tube industry is still in its relative infancy; the first tree tubes were introduced to the USA only in 1989.  And it has only been in the last 10 years that tree tube design advancements (large diameter, venting, understanding the translucence is vastly more important than color, etc.) have made tree tubes a fool-proof means of tree establishment under the full range of American climatic conditions.

Where there are new industries there are HUGE inefficiencies – inefficiencies in production (small volumes), inefficiencies in transport, and small companies with high overhead-to-sales ratios.

My job is to eliminate all of those things, and I see the process as a cycle:  My low prices allow Wilson to buy tree tubes in extremely large volumes, which keeps production costs low.  I look at every step in the distribution process and eliminate unnecessary costs.  I have learned you simply can’t ship tree tubes and stakes the way you ship other products.  Well you can, but not cheaply and not well.  You have to get creative and stay flexible.  Finally, I work to keep the overhead associated with tree tubes sales as low as possible, which allows me to work on lower profit margins.

There’s no magic to it.  Just a simple formula that allows Wilson to buy the premium product on the market and offer it to growers at the lowest price.

Did I say it was hard to convince people that they CAN get the best tree tubes for the lowest price?  It is, but only for a second – it always takes a second for a customer to realize what kind of deal they can get on Tubex Combitubes.  Then the next sound I hear is their credit card number ordering more!

On that note: Spring sales are far outstripping even our most optimistic expectations.  I encourage you to order in advance to guarantee supply.  It’s always good to reserve your tree tubes ahead of time – of course we don’t charge your credit card until we ship.


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