Spring 2013 Sales On Pace For Record

Wow!  January 2012 was really busy and broke all previous records for tree tube sales, but that was in part because of the very mild winter throughout much of the country.  It’s funny how when winter weather is mild people start thinking about their spring tree planting, and when it’s cold and snowy spring feels farther away and thoughts turn from tree planting to snow shoveling.

As crazy as January 2012 was, January 2013 has been far busier despite the frigid temp’s.  It has created a series of those “good problems” – worry about having enough inventory for spring, adding staff in the warehouse for shipping, more shipments to track, etc.

I focus on the “good” and not the “problems.”  Being busy means that tree tubes have become widely accepted as the best way to establish young trees across a wide range of applications, from wildlife habitat plantings to parks to reforestation to ecological restoration.

Sales this good this early in a cold winter mean only one thing:  I better buckle my seat belt and get ready… spring is going to be a wild ride!

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