Tree Tubes: 8 inches of growth and the growing season hasn’t really started yet!

Yesterday I got an email from a tree tube customer in Mississippi, with this photo attached:

Bur oak seedling in tree tubes

Bur oak seedling planted in late February 2013 and protected with a Tubex Combitube Tree Tube has already grown 8 inches… and “growing weather” hasn’t even started yet! (Click to enlarge photo)

This bur oak seedling (along with several hundred like it) was planted in late February, 2013.  It has already grown 8 inches this spring, despite the fact that real tree growing weather has barely even started .

Think bur oak is slow growing?  Hardly!  High quality bur oak seedlings in tree tubes, along with aggressive weed control, can grow extremely fast.  These bur oaks will be well out the top of their 4ft tree tubes by the end of this growing season.

One tip:  I suggested to the landowner that he trim this tree to a single stem.  With tree tubes you generally get a single main leader growing in the tube.  Sometimes seedlings will push two “co-dominant” leaders.  It’s a good idea to clip these trees to a single stem early, so they can channel all of their growth resources into a single, strong stem from the very beginning.

Keep those photos and updates coming!

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