Tree Tube Feedback 6: Becoming a serial tree planter

I got this text over the weekend:

99 Percent survival rate. 90 Percent are out of the tubes. Its amazing. Have a hundred chestnuts ordered and may order 200 more oaks and fruit trees lol…..Tree tubes are great!

I have seen this again and again over the years – folks who undertake a one time planting project having so much fun and seeing such incredible results that they can’t wait to plant more trees.  They keep thinking of new species or varieties they want to try, and keep thinking of new places on their property where they want to plant them… some have gone so far as to purchase new property just to have a place to do more planting!

When I started selling tree tubes 24 years ago (!), failure was the norm when it came to tree planting.  Success was the exception.  Today it is the opposite.  Landowners planting trees for timber, wildlife habitat, food protection or just plain beauty are achieving jaw-dropping results.

Tree tubes aren’t the only reason for the success today’s tree planters are seeing.  The planting stock being sold by today’s nursery is light years better than it was 25 years ago.  And tree planters are more savvy about species selection, and are being a lot more diligent about their site preparation and weed control.  But tree tubes are what make all that knowledge and additional work pay off, instead of just going to feed the deer (well, it often does go to feed the deer, but with tree tubes it’s not the seedlings that feed the deer with their leaves and twigs, it’s the acorns, chestnuts or fruit they produce that feeds the deer!).

Speaking of planting stock, my enthusiastic texter sent a second message on Saturday:

Those guys at mossy oak are top notch!

… Referring of course to the wizards at Mossy Oak’s Nativ Nurseries who produce outstanding hybrid oaks, chestnuts and other trees for wildlife habitat – and who back it up with years of know-how.

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