Tree Tube Stakes: PVC versus white oak

A customer from Kentucky called this morning to finalize his order for 4ft Tubex Combitube Plus Tree Tubes and PVC stakes.  He was excited about two things:

1) The fact that he was getting the best tree tubes on the market at price comparable with lower quality tubes

2) The PVC Tree Tube Stakes.  Like most tree tube users over the last 25 years he has used primarily white oak stakes.  He told me, “Every time I visit my property I have broken stakes that need to be replaced.”  That’s time (not to mention money) that he could be spending on something else.  Like doing weed control to help his trees grow.  Like pruning to improve their form and productivity.  Like planting more trees!

Treeshelter stakes PVC

PVC tree tube stakes – the best thing to happen to seedling trees… since tree tubes!

He’s really excited about how PVC stakes mean no more broken stakes needing to be replaced.

I’m excited because that means he’ll have time to plant more trees – and money to buy more tree tubes & pvc stakes!


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